Clement Maosa attempts suicide

Clement Maosa, widely recognized for his portrayal of Zamokuhle ‘Kwaito’ Seakamela-Maputla on the popular television series Skeem Saam, recently shared a deeply personal revelation about his struggles with mental health.

In a candid discussion on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill, Maosa opened up about attempting suicide not once, but twice, shedding light on the challenging circumstances he has faced throughout his life.

Maosa revealed that his early years were marked by adversity, having grown up in poverty and tragically losing both of his parents at a young age. Reflecting on the difficult times surrounding his father’s passing, Maosa described feeling overwhelmed and trapped, as if the world was closing in on him with no escape in sight.

During his first suicide attempt, Maosa recounted ingesting a hair relaxer product in a desperate bid to end his life. Despite consuming a significant amount of the chemical, he miraculously survived the ordeal. Maosa explained that he had been searching for a substance that resembled a chemical, ultimately choosing the hair relaxer out of desperation.

The actor also shared a harrowing account of his second suicide attempt, revealing that he had planned to collide head-on with a haulage truck while driving his father’s Toyota Cressida. Despite the illegal nature of his actions, Maosa disclosed that his father had taught him how to drive at a young age, providing him with the means to carry out his plan.

In a moment of profound vulnerability, Maosa disclosed that he once prayed for his own life to be taken instead of his mother’s when she fell seriously ill. He expressed his deep love and concern for his family, particularly his siblings, and the profound impact his mother’s health struggles had on him.

Despite the darkness and despair he faced, Maosa’s story is one of resilience and survival. On his recent birthday, he penned a heartfelt message to himself, acknowledging the hardships he has endured and celebrating his strength and perseverance. His message serves as a testament to the power of hope and the importance of seeking support during life’s darkest moments.

Maosa’s willingness to share his struggles with mental health serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of destigmatizing conversations surrounding mental illness and seeking help when needed. His courage in speaking out encourages others to seek support and reminds us all that no one is alone in their struggles.

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