“I expected her to cry tears of joy,” Black Coffee finally reveals what her ex-Enhle Mbali did when he gifted her the most expensive car in Mzansi

Black Coffee, the renowned DJ known by his birth name Nkosinathi Maphumulo, recently shared a poignant anecdote from his past marriage with Enhle Mbali. Reflecting on a moment that left him contemplative, he recounted an instance where he presented his ex-wife with a lavish gift – a luxurious car. However, the reaction he anticipated from Enhle was not the one he received, leaving him introspective.

In his own words, Black Coffee expressed his surprise at Enhle’s subdued response to the extravagant gesture. He admitted to expecting a more effusive reaction, perhaps even tears of joy, considering the significance of the gift. Yet, her response was understated, a simple acknowledgment of gratitude – “oh, it’s nice. Thank you.”

The DJ confessed that this reaction lingered in his mind for an extended period, prompting him to ponder over the nature of appreciation and the dynamics of giving within their relationship. He grappled with the notion of someone not fully appreciating a gesture that he deemed significant, leading to introspection about his expectations and their alignment with reality.

When questioned about the lesson he gleaned from this experience, Black Coffee offered a profound insight into the complexities of relationships.

He acknowledged the tendency to project one’s desires onto others, emphasizing the importance of recognizing individual autonomy and the divergence between our aspirations and those of our loved ones.

Despite his introspective musings, Black Coffee faced criticism on social media following his disclosure. Some users labeled him as narcissistic, suggesting that his narrative reflected a sense of entitlement or a lack of empathy. The response underscored the nuanced nature of public perception and highlighted the complexities of sharing personal anecdotes within the public domain.


Black Coffee’s story serves as a reminder of the intricacies inherent in human relationships, urging us to navigate them with sensitivity and understanding. It prompts reflection on the dynamics of giving and receiving, emphasizing the significance of genuine appreciation and respecting individual autonomy.

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