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Psychic’s Claims Spark Controversy: Kelly Khumalo Allegedly “Bewitches” Fans

In the realm of celebrity gossip and speculation, few names evoke as much intrigue and controversy as South African songstress Kelly Khumalo. Known for her chart-topping hits and tumultuous personal life, Khumalo has once again found herself at the center of attention, this time courtesy of startling claims made by an American psychic, Kandis Starr.

In a recent series of readings, Starr purportedly asserted that Khumalo possessed a supernatural ability to enchant her fans, wielding her music as a conduit to cast a spell over unsuspecting listeners. This alleged manipulation, according to Starr, has fostered an unwavering devotion among Khumalo’s followers, blinding them to any faults or misdeeds on her part.

But the most shocking revelation to emerge from Starr’s readings revolves around Khumalo’s purported involvement in the tragic demise of her former partner, Senzo Meyiwa. According to Starr, Khumalo orchestrated Meyiwa’s untimely death as a sacrificial offering to advance her own music career, delving into the realm of spiritual machinations to achieve her ambitions.

These claims, though startling, are not entirely unprecedented in Khumalo’s tumultuous narrative. Previous accusations from individuals close to Khumalo, including her former boyfriend Jub Jub, have hinted at her alleged involvement with traditional powers or “muthi,” a term commonly associated with African mysticism and witchcraft.

Moreover, Khumalo’s public actions, such as a reported incident where she was filmed tossing a coin into a stream after stepping out of her car, have only served to fuel speculation regarding her purported ties to occult practices. For some observers, these occurrences have solidified the perception of Khumalo as a figure shrouded in mystique and intrigue, with whispers of malevolent forces swirling around her persona.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Khumalo remains steadfast in the face of mounting scrutiny, a testament to her resilience amidst the storm of rumors and accusations that frequently swirl around her. Yet, with each new revelation and accusation, the enigmatic aura surrounding Khumalo only seems to deepen, perpetuating a narrative rife with intrigue and speculation.

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