‘New salary, new girlfriend’: SA reacts to Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Thahane’s breakup

South Africa is buzzing with reactions following the breakup of Thembinkosi Lorch, the Mamelodi Sundowns football star, and Natasha Thahane, a beloved actress.

The news broke on social media when Thahane confirmed the split, revealing that they had mutually decided to end their romantic relationship while committing to maintain a healthy co-parenting dynamic for their son.

Their separation comes after several years of being together and making their relationship public, during which they also welcomed a son. However, rumors of infidelity dating back to 2023 have shadowed their relationship.

Despite projecting an image of happiness and harmony, the couple’s split has left many fans speculating about the reasons behind the breakup. Some social media users humorously suggested that Lorch strategically timed the breakup to coincide with his new signing with Mamelodi Sundowns, jokingly linking his decision to his increased salary.

Comments flooded social media platforms, with users sharing their thoughts on the situation. Some expressed amusement at the timing of the breakup, while others sympathized with the couple’s challenges. Nonetheless, the exact reasons behind their split remain unclear, leaving fans to speculate about the dynamics of their relationship.

How much could Lorch be earning at Sundowns?

Sundowns’ highest earner is said to be making R700 000 a month.

Thembinkosi Lorch - Orlando Pirates

Thembinkosi Lorch would have got an impressive salary bump by joining Sundowns. Picture: Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix

Thembinkosi Lorch is likely to have been handed a serious salary bump by Mamelodi Sundowns after joining them on transfer deadline day from Orlando Pirates.

But just where will the 30-year-old attacker sit on the Sundowns salary scale? Reports suggest that Lorch was earning anything between R50 000 and R165000 a month at Pirates, though South African clubs’ lack of transparency over salaries makes it hard to be precise.

Sundowns’ highest earner is former Bafana Bafana midfielder Bongani Zungu, according to a salary chart compiled by briefly.co.za. The website speculates that Zungu is earning a whopping R700 000 a month. Next on the list is Bafana Bafana captain Ronwen Williams on R500 000 a month.

Could Lorch be earning anything close to these two fellow South Africans? Zungu was signed by Sundowns on a free transfer from Amiens in France in August 2022, and it is likely that coming from Europe, Sundowns had to go very high in terms of salary to secure Zungu’s signature. The club may have also felt that the fact that they were not paying a transfer fee justified a high wage package.

Williams is one of several players to have joined Sundowns from Tshwane rivals SuperSport United, with Masandawana rumoured to have paid SuperSport R12 million for his services in July 2012. Williams was already 30 years old when he joined Sundowns, the same age as Lorch is now.

A goalkeeper’s career tends to last longer than that of an outfield player, however, meaning Lorch’s package is unlikely to have matched Williams’.

To speculate on Lorch’s salary at Sundowns, given the highest end of what he was said to be earning at Pirates, it is safer to say he is in the region of Peter Shalulile or Thapelo Morena, said to be on R400 000 a month.

It could even be, that with a year left on his contract at Pirates, and little sign of a new deal being agreed, Lorch was prepared to move to Sundowns for a little less than that, in the region of R300 000 a month.

This would still represent an enormous boost to his salary, not to mention the signing on fee and the bonus structure that will undoubtedly be in his deal.


Top 10 Phones Making Waves in Africa: A Look at the Latest Mobile Tech Trends

Introduction: The Ever-Evolving African Smartphone Market

The African smartphone market has been witnessing rapid growth and innovation, with consumers increasingly demanding high-quality devices that offer both affordability and cutting-edge features. From budget-friendly options to flagship models, here are the top 10 phones currently dominating the African market.

1. Samsung Galaxy S series: Flagship Excellence

Samsung’s Galaxy S series continues to be a top choice for African consumers, offering powerful performance, stunning displays, and advanced camera capabilities. Models like the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra are particularly popular, catering to users who seek premium features and reliability.

2. Tecno Camon Series: Affordable Innovation

Tecno’s Camon series has gained significant traction in Africa, thanks to its combination of impressive camera technology and affordability. Devices like the Camon 18 and Camon 18P offer users high-resolution cameras, sleek designs, and reliable performance at a fraction of the cost of flagship phones.

3. iPhone 13 Series: Apple’s Iconic Appeal

Apple’s iPhone 13 series continues to hold a strong position in the African market, appealing to users who value sleek design, seamless software integration, and top-notch performance. Despite its premium price tag, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max remain sought-after choices for many consumers.

4. Infinix Zero Series: Feature-Rich Affordability

Infinix’s Zero series combines affordability with a plethora of features, making it a favorite among budget-conscious consumers in Africa. Devices like the Infinix Zero X Pro offer users impressive specifications, including high-refresh-rate displays, powerful processors, and versatile camera setups.

5. Huawei P50 Series: Photography Powerhouses

Huawei’s P50 series stands out for its exceptional camera capabilities, making it a popular choice for photography enthusiasts across Africa. Despite facing challenges in accessing Google services, Huawei’s devices continue to attract users with their innovative camera technologies and stylish designs.

6. Xiaomi Redmi Note Series: Value for Money

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note series offers users exceptional value for money, providing a range of features typically found in higher-priced smartphones. Models like the Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 11 Pro deliver reliable performance, impressive battery life, and vibrant displays at affordable price points.

7. Oppo Reno Series: Sleek Design, Superior Performance

Oppo’s Reno series has gained recognition for its sleek design, innovative features, and competitive pricing. Devices like the Oppo Reno 7 and Reno 7 Pro appeal to users who prioritize aesthetics and performance, offering powerful processors, impressive cameras, and fast-charging capabilities.

8. Nokia G Series: Trustworthy and Affordable

Nokia’s G series continues to attract users seeking reliable smartphones at affordable prices. With models like the Nokia G50 and G300, Nokia emphasizes durability, long battery life, and clean Android software, catering to users looking for simplicity and reliability.

9. Vivo Y Series: Stylish and Functional

Vivo’s Y series offers users stylish designs and a host of features at attractive price points. Models like the Vivo Y74s and Y21s provide users with reliable performance, vibrant displays, and capable cameras, making them popular choices among young consumers in Africa.

10. Realme GT Series: Performance Powerhouses

Realme’s GT series caters to users who demand high performance and cutting-edge features without breaking the bank. Devices like the Realme GT 2 Pro offer flagship-level specifications, including powerful processors, high-refresh-rate displays, and fast-charging technology, at competitive prices.

Conclusion: Diverse Choices, Growing Opportunities

The African smartphone market offers a diverse range of choices, catering to users with varying needs and preferences. Whether it’s flagship devices with premium features or budget-friendly options packed with value, the top 10 phones in Africa represent the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology in the region. As innovation continues to drive the industry forward, opportunities for growth and expansion abound, promising an exciting future for both consumers and manufacturers alike.

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