Costa Titch cause of death

Costa Titch, the beloved amapiano star whose sudden departure left fans mourning, now has his cause of death disclosed, putting an end to over a year of speculation and uncertainty.

In a heartfelt announcement shared on social media this Monday, the family of the pint-sized sensation, known offstage as Costantinos Tsobanoglou, finally shed light on the circumstances surrounding his tragic demise. It was on the fateful night of March 11, 2023, during his electrifying performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg, that Costa Titch tragically collapsed, sending shockwaves through the music world.

In the wake of his passing, whispers of foul play lingered in the air, prompting his grieving family to speak out against insinuations of drug abuse or epilepsy. Instead, they hinted at a hidden battle with a heart condition, a revelation that contradicted Costa Titch’s reputation for leading a healthy lifestyle.

The family’s statement, issued amidst swirling rumors, revealed the results of a thorough post-mortem examination, which uncovered a significant strain on Costa’s heart, exacerbated by persistent stress and fatigue. This unseen burden culminated in an irregular heartbeat, triggering the fatal seizure that silenced the vibrant artist forever.

Support poured in from fellow industry figures, including Lynn Forbes, mother of the late rapper AKA, as the Tsobanoglou family grappled with their loss and sought closure in the face of unanswered questions.

In an exclusive interview with The South African on the somber anniversary of his passing, Lara Langeveld, affectionately known as “Mama Titch,” expressed the difficulty of coming to terms with her son’s death without closure. She lamented the bureaucratic hurdles delaying the release of crucial toxicology reports, leaving families like hers in limbo amid a backlog of thousands of pending cases.

While authorities have concluded that Costa Titch’s demise was of natural causes, his mother remains troubled by lingering doubts. Her anguish is compounded by unanswered queries surrounding the circumstances of his passing, including why he was not rushed to a nearby hospital despite the proximity of medical facilities.

With a heavy heart, she grapples with the memories of her son’s final moments, haunted by the thought of his cries for help going unanswered. Though resigned to the will of a higher power, she refuses to let go of her quest for justice, clinging to the hope that those responsible for her son’s untimely end will be held to account.

In her eyes, Costa Titch was a beacon of health and vitality, making the circumstances of his demise all the more incomprehensible. As she navigates the uncharted waters of grief, she remains steadfast in her determination to uncover the truth behind her son’s tragic passing, ensuring that his legacy endures beyond the confines of mortality.

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