Don’t laugh! Please pray for Skeem Saam actress Kwezi. See what she is suffering from here

Skeem Saam actress Samukele Mkhize has stunned Mzansi. Despite being older, she remains a beloved star known for her exceptional talent. She gained fame for her role as Mabuyi in the now-cancelled drama series Isibaya.

However, since her exit from the show, she has found success in the role of Khwezi on SABC’s Skeem Saam.

In Skeem Saam, she portrays a cunning and ruthless girlfriend to the ambitious thug Lehasa. The storyline also involves her character claiming that Lehasa is the father of her child, and they are living together as a family.

Recently, some viewers noticed something unusual about her legs in an episode, with speculations of possible Photoshop use. See the photos and reactions below:

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However, in some cases, knock knees can persist into adulthood and may cause discomfort or affect the alignment of the legs. To treat knock knees, individuals should consider a combination of conservative approaches, including regular low-impact exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knees, such as leg raises and inner thigh squeezes.

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Transnet is recruiting for Trainee Train Assistant | APPLY WITH GRADE 12


Position: Trainee Train Assistant
Closing Date: 04 August 2024
Location: Beaufort West

Job Purpose:
Assist the Train Driver in safely and efficiently driving/handling various types of trains to ensure timely and secure transportation of freight/cargo, meeting customer needs and organizational objectives.

Job Outputs:

  • Sign on duty and receive allocated duties for the shift.
  • Prepare locomotives and communication equipment.
  • Conduct pre-trip preparation of locomotives and the entire train to adhere to safety standards.
  • Execute shunting activities according to directives for safe working procedures.
  • Assist the train driver en route to ensure smooth movement and predictability of service.
  • Comply with safety standards and instructions to maintain motivation and competence.
  • Provide prompt feedback to the Train Driver on incidents and deviations along the route.
  • Perform various administration duties, including completing the Train journal.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Grade 12 with pure Mathematics and/or Physical Science.
  • Willingness to undergo theoretical and practical training to be certified as a Train Assistant.
  • Preparedness for periodic medical surveillance and safety behavioral risk assessments.


  • Knowledge of various communication systems, locomotive equipment, and train working rules.
  • Skills in locomotive handling, time management, and problem-solving.
  • Attributes like stress handling, self-management, punctuality, and safety consciousness.

How to Apply:
Applicants from designated groups as per the Employment Equity Plan and Targets will receive preference. Submit applications before the closing date, and any inquiries should be directed to BENTIE.RADEMAN@TRANSNET.NET.

NB: Candidates must meet the minimum inherent health requirements of the job.

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