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Intern – Business Development, Washington, United States 2024

Job Summary

Job Summary

Core Values Description
Excellence The organization favors investing in people to produce high-caliber outcomes.
Freedom In order to remain flexible and responsive, the organization believes in exploration and experimentation.
Respect The organization supports human empowerment, empathy, and trust.
Teamwork The organization also supports international cooperation, diversity, and inclusiveness.
Transparency We support open dialogue and rational decision-making.
Accountability Personal accountability is what the organization sees as the key to success.

In order to foster the growth and development of IRI’s future leadership, IRI is forming relationships with students and employees. The intern will assist the Business Development Division of IRI in its endeavors.

Intern - Business Development, Washington, US 2024
Intern – Business Development, Washington, US 2024

Starting on October 11, 2023, this position will last no more than fourteen (14) weeks and cannot be extended. The pay for this job is $17 an hour.

In-person and virtual applicants are encouraged to apply.

Position Requirements:

Excellent research skills; familiarity with Microsoft Office; current enrollment in or recent graduation from an undergraduate or graduate program in political science, international affairs, or a related field; excellent verbal and written English communication skills; ability to manage time effectively; ability to work independently; ability to complete tasks with little supervision; and ability to communicate clearly and consistently in a virtual environment.


  • Lead a capstone project on a business development issue or area of interest in support of the BD team’s work in the areas of democracy, human rights, and governance.
  • Help the BD team members with ideas and initiatives for active democracy, human rights, and governance.
  • Keep an eye on the employment pages of Devex and rival companies to learn about current and prospective competitive bids.
  • Under the supervision of the BD team, conduct solicitations and track USAID business forecasts.
  • As required, assist in the coordination of Go/No-Go and Kick-Off meetings.
  • As needed, support divisional coordination of the quarterly check-ins.
  • Participate in BD-related conferences and webinars; distributes team notes and important insights.
  • Assist with notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) compliance and quality control as needed for submission.
  •  Record any other ideas, proposals for activities, or methods during design meetings for later reference.
  • Record phone calls with donors seeking feedback.
  • Create visual aids that may be used to enhance the readability and aesthetics of proposal and/or cost narratives, such as charts, tables, text boxes, and other inventive solutions.
  • Coordinate division organization chart revisions and determine portfolios pertinent to BD.
  • Closely collaborates with specialists, senior associates, and business development associates to handle internal tracking and proposal management processes:

 Creating proposal sites for new bids; preparing and sharing overhead estimates for proposal teams; uploading relevant templates; setting schedules for internal meetings and planning; updating proposal timetables; sending calendar invitations and review reminders;

Records donor feedback and incorporates aggregated feedback as part of design and cost strategy consultations.

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Learn about the field of international development that focuses on democracy, human rights, and governance, including features that pertain to program administration, monitoring, and evaluation, program and business development, and external affairs.
  • Employers want for entry-level employees with experience in critical project management abilities.


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