Future Rising Fellowship 2024 for Young Leaders

Future Rising Fellowship 2024 for Young Leaders ($5,000 Stipend)

Deadline: July 3, 2024

The Pitch AgriHack 2024 application period is currently open. The Pitch AgriHack provides a venue for innovative thinkers to share their technical fixes for the continent’s agricultural landscape. Pitch AgriHack 2024 will honor the most outstanding projects that tackle major problems and advance sustainable agricultural development with a total prize pool of $45,000 USD.

Future Rising Fellowship 2024 for Young Leaders

They want the world to hear about the answers developed by Africa’s greatest young brains. Young agritech entrepreneurs have the capacity to transform how food security issues are handled and to support smallholder farmers throughout the continent.


Early-stage agritech companies, mature or growth-stage agritech initiatives, and women-led agritech ventures are the three categories in which the competition rewards winners.


There will be three winners and three runners-up, each earning a cash award of US$10,000 and each receiving US$5,000.


Candidates include technological firms that are in the early, mature, or growing stages, or those are managed by women, and have creative solutions that have a significant impact on smallholder farmers.

  • A concise and well-defined explanation of how their proposed solution would benefit smallholder farmers.
  • A solid operational and organizational framework.

The applicant applying must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 40 on the day that you enter the 2023 Pitch AgriHack Competition.
  • Be a citizen of one of the 54 African Union member countries, as proven by formal identification.
  • Be a founder or co-founder of the business entered in the competition, and take an active part in its management and operations.
  •  Have no prior convictions for any crimes such as felony, tax evasion, financial fraud, or corruption.
  • Not have previously placed in the finals or won GoGettaz or Pitch AgriHack.
  •  Send in your application in English.
  • Adopt the terms and conditions.

Early-stage category, venture must have:

  • A scalable technology breakthrough that can have a significant influence on lots of smallholder farmers.
  • A recognizable technological invention that solves the issues that smallholder farmers face, such as:

o Access to information for smallholder farmers,

o Labor-intensiveness of operations,

o Resilience, o Smallholder farmer productivity,

o Smallholder farmer income,

o Strong competitive advantage

Growth-stage category, venture must have:

  • The capacity to reach out to and influence numerous smallholder farmers.
  • Documented proof of an influence on the income of smallholder farmers.
  • a recognizable technological advancement that solves the issues listed below for smallholder farmers:

o Access to information for smallholder farmers,

o Labor-intensiveness of operations,

o Resilience,

o Smallholder farmer productivity,

o Smallholder farmer income,

o Strong competitive advantage

Selection Criteria

The top 12 start-ups will be chosen after a screening process and invited to a pitch training session. The majority of the chosen startups will be owned by women (at least one formal co-founder must be a woman). The quality of the information provided in the application heavily influences the decision. The organizers have the right to seek more information.

Online screening criteria

  • How pressing is the need?
  • What issue does the answer address?
  •  How distinctive is the remedy?
  • Does the team show that it can carry out its plan?
  • What market opportunities exist?

Technical assessment criteria

  • Scalability is under the Early-Stage Category.
  • Technical viability of the solution;
  • Mature-Stage Category: o Smallholder farmers reached; Feasibility/Proof of Concept
  • o Profitability

Final pitch criteria

Impact on small-scale farmers, technological innovation, business model, teamwork, scalability, and money-use


Applications closes on July 3, 2024. Late applications will not be considered.

For more information and easy application Click here to apply


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