Eish! Former Rhythm City actor Sabelo now struggling & sleeping in the streets. See what happened

Former Rhythm City and The Wife actor, Ishmauel Songo, has opened up about the challenges he faces as an actor in South Africa. Making a living solely through acting is no easy feat in the country, as one can go extended periods without being cast in a production, all while needing to provide for their family.

Songo himself has experienced financial difficulties during periods of unemployment and had to resort to working as a master of ceremony. He indicated that at some point he would sleep in the streets of Joburg as the landlord would kick him out due to unpaid rentals.

Ishmauel Songo

Songo gained popularity with his role as Sabelo on Rhythm City, capturing the hearts of many viewers with his exceptional performance. Although Rhythm City aired its final episode in 2021, fans could still catch him on the Showmax TV show, The Wife, where he played the character of Mpande.

Beyond his career, Songo is married and a proud father of two children.

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