Apply Now for UN Women Online Trainings from Women Entrepreneurs 2024

Apply now for UN Women Online Trainings from Women Entrepreneurs. In order to create and provide online training programs for women-owned or led enterprises in implementation countries, UN Women Africa has issued a call for submissions from companies.

In light of the post-COVID-19 economy, the project aims to support female entrepreneurs as they transition into new industries and improve their ability to access public procurement.

UN Women is looking for a partner to provide specialized training materials and resources based on the requirements and current gaps of the targeted women.

UN Women Online Trainings from Women Entrepreneurs
UN Women Online Trainings from Women Entrepreneurs

Apply Now for UN Women Online Trainings from Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are defined as individuals or a group of individuals who start, plan, and run a business. Therefore, a woman entrepreneur is a strong, imaginative, and creative woman who wants to be financially independent while also giving others the chance to find work.

Research by Calpers indicated that effective women leaders share characteristics with all effective leaders, including assertiveness, action-mindedness, risk-taking, and problem-solving skills. To succeed and get through the various challenges they encounter at home and at work, they must also develop additional traits.

There are various factors influencing female entrepreneurs. The five determinants are: access to money; sociocultural legitimacy and acceptability; business aid and support; administrative and regulatory environment; and entrepreneurship education and training.

Funding Information

The budget range for this proposal should not exceed USD 49,000.

Training Outline and Content

The chosen partner will be required to create and submit lesson plans, PowerPoint slideshows, handouts, and delivery schedules for online training courses on a variety of subjects, such as procurement training, assistance with post-COVID-19 rehabilitation, and digital skills training. The demands and requirements of female entrepreneurs will be catered to in these programs.

Training Delivery

Online training courses will be delivered by the chosen partner in batches and by nation. The initiative aims to teach 200 female business owners in Nigeria, 100 female business owners in Senegal, 100 female business owners in Mali, and 100 female business owners in all other African nations.

Post-Training Stage

The partner will perform pre- and post-training assessments, provide training certificates to the trained women, and provide output-based progress reports for each training program when the training sessions are completed. A list of trainees with complete contact information and, if possible, participant profile photos will be included in the final report.


The ideal partner for UN Women Africa will have the following technical and functional competencies:

At least five years of experience in providing or conducting training and developing training

Proven experience in supporting women in areas such as ICTs, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, and online training

A multidisciplinary team is dedicated to the project, including an expert in women’s entrepreneurship and an expert in digital training and business development.

Experience in developing countries, particularly in Africa.

Fluency in French and English

Experience in the implementation of similar activities.

Proven capacity to develop practical training guidelines and programs; experience in documentation, reporting, and evaluation of training programs

Proven experience in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of development projects

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The empowerment of female entrepreneurs in Africa is greatly aided by this program, especially in light of the post-COVID-19 economic climate. Women entrepreneurs may develop their enterprises, switch to new markets, and help their local economies flourish with the correct education and tools.

The UN Women Africa call for applications is a chance for businesses with the necessary knowledge and experience to support this deserving cause.


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