“They should be arrested” check what this guy was doing with Skomota that left people angry

The latest video featuring Skomota has sparked widespread outrage among viewers, leaving many individuals incensed by the apparent exploitation depicted in the footage. In the video, Skomota, known for his jovial and lighthearted demeanor, can be seen in a troubling situation, purportedly being taken advantage of by another individual who is seen handling a large sum of cash in his presence.

Viewers expressed dismay at the scene, highlighting concerns that Skomota, who is perceived as intellectually challenged, may not fully comprehend the implications of the situation or the amount of money being exchanged.

Many individuals voiced their outrage, condemning the apparent exploitation and calling for the individual responsible for handling the cash to be held accountable for his actions.

In response to the video, some viewers even went as far as suggesting that the individual receiving the cash should face legal repercussions, as they believe he is complicit in taking advantage of Skomota’s vulnerability.

Skomota, a young man hailing from Limpopo, South Africa, has gained widespread popularity on social media for his comedic antics and cheerful disposition. Known affectionately as “Mr. All Over,” Skomota is a familiar face at local events and gatherings, where he never fails to entertain attendees with his jokes and infectious enthusiasm.

As concerns mount over Skomota’s well-being and the potential exploitation depicted in the video, many are calling for those close to him to step in and ensure that he is protected from any further harm. It is hoped that individuals within Skomota’s circle will take proactive measures to safeguard his welfare and prevent any future instances of exploitation or mistreatment.

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