Hebana!Kelly Khumalo Exposed Senzo’s parents Horrible Secret towards their son. See what she said

Kelly Khumalo exposes Senzo Meyiwa’s mother and her family

In the highly anticipated first episode of Season 3 of the Showmax Original reality series “Life With Kelly Khumalo,” South African singer Kelly Khumalo took the opportunity to address her tumultuous relationship with the family of the late Senzo Meyiwa, the renowned soccer player.

The episode featured a candid conversation between Kelly and her best friend, Wanda Baloyi, in which they discussed the challenges she faced with her in-laws.

Kelly Khumalo didn’t mince her words when she described her in-laws as “the sh*ttiest in-laws ever.” She went on to claim that her mother-in-law had resorted to muti (traditional African medicine) to harm her. Despite this, Kelly asserted that she was spiritually untouchable. She firmly stated, “I am a child of the Gods. If you remove me, it comes back to you.” She added that spiritually, no harm could befall her, and any weapon aimed at her would ultimately rebound on the one who wielded it.

The discussion took a dramatic turn when Wanda Baloyi commented on the feud between Kelly and the Meyiwa family, suggesting that Kelly’s daughter, Tingo, might not have a relationship with her paternal family as a result. Kelly dropped a bombshell by revealing that, according to her, they never liked her daughter. She expressed her belief that Tingo shouldn’t have a relationship with them, emphasizing that the Meyiwa family had denied Tingo as Senzo’s child.

According to Kelly, the Meyiwa family’s motives were financially driven, suggesting that they never truly loved Senzo but saw him as their “cash cow.” She recounted a telling incident when Senzo passed away, and his mother’s immediate concern was about who would provide for them. Kelly criticized their priorities, stating, “Your son is dead, the only thing you are thinking about is food?”

Kelly further revealed that Senzo used to financially support his family to the point of financial hardship, a role that she had to take over at times. She mentioned that the Meyiwa family had benefited from her financial support in the past, and they were resentful of the fact that she survived while Senzo did not.

The revelations in this episode of “Life With Kelly Khumalo” stirred strong reactions on social media, with some expressing surprise at Kelly’s candid statements and others speculating on the dynamics of her relationship with Senzo and his family.

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