WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Woman who accused DJ Tira for rapping her caught & exposed for lying just like Lady Zamar did to Sjava

Following allegations against DJ Tira, fans are now rallying behind the music producer, suggesting that the woman’s claims might not be credible.

Many supporters argue that the woman’s actions following the alleged incident raise doubts about the authenticity of her accusations.

One user pointed out, “You can’t assume you were raped after a blackout, wake up the next day and never go for checkups and report the issue to the police immediately… She rather ask for the amount she wants to boost up her career than to falsely accuse DJ Tira for rape.” This sentiment reflects skepticism regarding the timing and manner in which the allegations were made.

Another user highlighted a shift in the narrative, stating, “Ntombela has been posting comic videos about DJ Tira for a month. Initially, it seemed related to music, as Luke is a singer trying to break into the industry.

The narrative has changed; Luke now claims to be waiting for DJ Tira to apologize to move on. She alleges that she blacked out and woke up next to him. She now needs an explanation and apology to retract the videos and posts.”

These observations resonate with many fans who question the motives behind the accusations and emphasize the importance of evidence and due process in such matters. As the controversy unfolds, supporters of DJ Tira await further developments, hoping for clarity and resolution.

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