Video of nurse taking selfie of pregnant woman in labour sparks outrage (WATCH VIDEO BELOW

Outrage Over Nurse Filming Pregnant Woman in Labour

A disturbing video clip has sparked outrage online, showing a nurse recording a pregnant woman in labour without her consent. The footage depicts the pregnant woman in distress, experiencing contractions while the nurse, in her uniform, continues to film, visibly smiling.

Unprofessional Conduct Unveiled

The video showcases the unidentified nurse’s shocking lack of professionalism and disregard for the privacy and dignity of the pregnant woman. Instead of providing care and support during a vulnerable moment, she opts to document the woman’s pain for unknown reasons.

Social Media Backlash

Social media erupted in condemnation of the nurse’s actions, with users expressing outrage and calling for disciplinary action:

  • okehonyekachichukwuemeka: “This sick student Nurse should be sanctioned immediately. Who gave her the consent to publish a patient’s image in distress online?”

  • charliehunnam4963: “I think camera phones should be banned 🚫 in Nigeria I don’t understand the society we are building, everybody wants to video I have seen accidents victims instead of people around to help some of them was busy doing video while someone was trap inside the car shouting for help, this video something was the reason jnr Pope died negligence is the order of the day, this nurse should face the law and her license should be taken”

  • officialdorine22: “When they take your license from you, your eyes go clear.”
  • dinzzy1b: “I know a lot of people would skip this question… Do you love believe in God ?”

Call for Accountability

The incident underscores the need for accountability within the healthcare profession and the importance of upholding ethical standards. Many are demanding swift action against the nurse involved, emphasizing the gravity of her actions and the potential harm caused to the pregnant woman’s well-being.


As the video continues to circulate, sparking debates and discussions, the public remains vigilant in advocating for the protection of patients’ rights and dignity in healthcare settings.

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