Zimbabwe prophet Mellontik Orasi’s who ‘predicted’ the death of 5 Mzansi celebs including AKA & Shona yesterday revealed name of the female celeb who is ‘next’

Prophet Mellontik Orasi’s Latest Prophecy Sparks Social Media Frenzy

Zimbabwean Prophet Mellontik Orasi has once again captured the attention of social media with yet another chilling death prophecy, adding to his list of ‘accurate’ predictions that have left many in awe.

The Prophecy: A Foreboding Premonition

Taking to his Facebook page, Prophet Mellontik Orasi foretold the tragic fate of a young lady destined to perish in a head-on collision. In his prophecy, he identified the individual only as Nelia, urging his followers to unite in prayer to avert the impending disaster.

In his own words:

“God teach us to pray for people with no gain upon us but for the Kingdom. There is a young lady who is supposed to die in a head-on crash, I know we gather 1000 prayers, All I know is the name is Nelia, Kundiso ndimi Hama nevatsigiri vake.”

Prophet Mellontik Orasi underscored the importance of collective prayer, emphasizing that it is the only recourse to alter the course of fate.

Social Media Echoes: Speculation and Concern

Prophet Mellontik’s prophecy swiftly reverberated across social media platforms, igniting a flurry of reactions and speculation. Many users speculated that the prophecy could be linked to Nelia Kadungure, the younger sister of the late socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

The prophet’s track record for seemingly accurate predictions only fueled concerns, prompting an outpouring of prayers and appeals for Nelia’s safety. Social media users urged caution, warning against dismissing the prophecy lightly and encouraging Nelia to seek guidance from the prophet.

Reactions from the Community

Social media was abuzz with reactions, ranging from expressions of faith to pleas for divine intervention:

@him._dice: “Ngatinamatei tese senyika ka @satan kanyare….Nelia will live.”

@phathisani_sibanda: “Ignore this prophet at your own peril 🙌uyo haazi ma funnies.”

@t_u_k_a_z: “We cancel the spirit of death in the mighty name of Jesus. She is going to live and declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living🙏.”

As speculation swirls and prayers abound, the community awaits the unfolding of events, hoping for a divine intervention to spare Nelia from the fate foretold by Prophet Mellontik Orasi.

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