Is Maps ready to put a ring on Boity’s finger?

Is Maps Maponyane Ready to Put a Ring on Boity’s Finger?

In February, the ever-active Boity Thulo sparked a frenzy on Twitter when she hinted at scouting for a wedding venue to tie the knot with Maps Maponyane. A month later, Maps responded in his trademark cryptic style on the same platform, leaving fans buzzing with anticipation.

Boity: A Subtle Declaration

Boitumelo Thulo, the multifaceted television personality, actress, rapper, and businesswoman, sent tongues wagging on February 16 with a tweet alluding to her quest for an altar to wed Maps Maponyane. Speculation about their romantic entanglement had been rife for some time, fueled by their frequent hints on social media suggesting a deeper connection.

Maps Maponyane’s Enigmatic Response

Masego “Maps” Maponyane, known for his measured responses, took his time before finally engaging. Over a month later, he retweeted Boity’s post from February 16 with a simple yet intriguing reply: “Your Throw ????????????”.

Twitter Speculation and Interpretation

Fans wasted no time in dissecting Maps’ response, interpreting it as a subtle nod towards a potential proposal. The tweet garnered various reactions, with some urging him to take the plunge and others already envisioning wedding bells.

Boity’s Affectionate Gesture

While the status of their relationship remains unconfirmed, Boity recently penned a heartfelt message to Maps on his birthday, describing him as the “brightest light” in her life and expressing gratitude for his unwavering support and love. Despite this display of affection, Boity’s online fan base recently speculated about her romantic involvement with actor Anton Jeftha, adding a layer of intrigue to her love life.

Boity’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Amidst the speculation surrounding her personal life, Boity continues to solidify her position as a formidable entrepreneur. Teaming up with winemaker Matthew Krone, she launched BT Signature, a range of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling beverages, showcasing her entrepreneurial acumen and commitment to success.

As speculation surrounding their relationship persists, Boity and Maps captivate audiences not only with their on-screen charisma but also with the tantalizing possibility of a real-life love story unfolding before our eyes.

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